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“Winnipeg native Max Winds strikes gold with energetic 'Never Been' visual”

Much of the rap we hear coming from Canada today typically stems from Toronto. But in recent years the underground scene around Winnipeg has been bubbling with talent. Max Winds being one of the creatives at the forefront of the movement, getting covered by large hip-hop platforms like DGB, Elevator, Loading magazine and more !

We started to gravitate to his music due to the development of his music videos. Whether it be the hilarious golf scene intros from “Ugly” or lit backstage scenes from “Dub Sack”, within every visual you get a different glimpse of Max’s true personality. Drawing a vastly important creator to consumer connection in today's age of music. Fast forward to yesterday Winds finally drops the first installment of his ‘windy wednesday’ series with Never Been. Straying away from his typical production, Max glides on the NY style drill beat produced by Ry Louis. The content filled track comes together with a Vincent Tang directed film, where Max throws lyrical punchlines surrounding uplifting his team and running up a check. A necessary add for any playlist ! For more from Max Winds:




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