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Schenectady Native Denze Delivers Heaters for the Winter !

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The temperature outdoors may be dropping rapidly but Without Warning is back with another exclusive single to heat up your speakers. Following our release of GSM Stevoo’s summer anthem “How We Rock” and SL Capone’s melodic earworm “Lowkey,” the third WOW drop features upcoming artist Denze in his element, connecting with Lil Tino and Ty Money for the emotional slow jam “Blue Moon.”

Opening with a soothing filtered vocal sample, backed with full chords and soft percussion, “Blue Moon” carries a vibe reminiscent of Nothing Was the Same era Drake and vintage Bryson Tiller. As he slides onto the track with his infectious hook (“Girl you make it happen once in a blue moon, I hope I see you soon”) Denze brings you into a relaxed state that is only elevated with each verse.

On the opening verse Denze reflects on changing relationships (“take a look lot of niggas changed, even my little baby changed, I’ll probably never be the same”) bringing the song into a more sentimental space. Lil tino makes his mark on the preceding verse with a hazy autotuned delivery, diversifying the song’s sonic palette. On the final verse, “Blue Moon’s” percussion drops out briefly, allowing Ty Money to steal the spotlight with his expressive crooning and melancholy lyrics (“why you gotta leave you know you the one for me”). Throughout his performance, clever use of stop time on the beat allows Ty’s talent to truly be exposed.

While “Blue Moon’s” relaxing instrumental and smooth vocal performances create the perfect track for listeners to kick back to, a closer listen reveals a powerful emotional layer to the song. The sky's the limit for Denze if he continues to bring tracks displaying this level of versatility.

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