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“We all pushing work out but our main focus is to give the spotlight to the ones who need it more than the ones who already have it, we are only as strong as our weakest link and we’re going to make the weakest link the most powerful,” says Wild Money CEO Ace $upreme. The Wild Money name carries massive weight in the New York rap scene. Ace has become an Albany hotspot for videography, recording and editing the majority of the region's hottest artists, including eye grabbing visuals for breakout underground tracks “Gelly,” “How To Rob Upstate,” “Moana Remix,” “Just Getting Started” and countless more. More recently, Ace founded “Wild Money Billionaires,”  a collection of artists all differing in personality, delivery and presence, andone of the most intriguing music labels coming out of the Capital Region. 

ACE $UPREME: If you’re from the city of Albany and don’t know this name, there is something wrong with you ! The multifaceted workhorse Ace $upreme initially launched into the underground NY scene in 2016-2017 with the “Ski Mask Money” mixtape series and EP “Wanna Die” with frequent collaborator Red God. Known for his darker, ethereal, auto tuned sound, Ace has been able to cultivate a sound varying from any other NY artist out right now, with bangers “Stash That,” “Jugg,” “Intro” and “Soldier.” Ace makes a solid center piece + captain for the Wild Money label.

“I connected with Knuckles first, I shot one of his first videos back in like 2016-2017, but then recently this year I've seen him going full throttle going crazy hitting me for videos every other day ! We went to the city to shoot all types of shit. Then, once I brought bro to the shop to meet Flex and Seven it was over! But once Seven got his crib it became like a home for us, a place where we could honestly be ourselves.” - Ace $upreme on Connecting with Knuckles Brimm

KNUCKLES BRIMM: The Schenectady creative really started to draw massive traction in the underground upstate scene in the past year.His raw lyrical content and openness to his fans is what draws people to the authentic  rapper.On his tape “Permanent Scars,” in early May, we hear a 12 track ode to real life tribulations, touching on topics of mental health, self doubt and growing up in a neglected community. What separates the Schenectady native from most is his use of his bars + lyrics to paint a transparent picture of his reality for the listener. Knuckles raps about real pain and everytime I throw a track like “Demon Inside of Me” or “Mixxed Emotions” on, you feel as if you’re inside the mind of the passionate creative. The newly added Wild Money affiliate is only going to continue to gravitate thousands to his music through rapping and living his truth. Knuckles is a genuine artist you can truly relate to andhis energy is seen + heard in any room he walks in.

“The energy in a video is CRAZY, niggas cant stop moving, word to, everytime we shoot a video we’re having fun and that's probably the best part, cause when we in the stu we in grind mode working, everybody locked, either recording or writing some new shit!!! Everyday one of us makes something new and everyday one of us learns something new, Knuckles is learning how to engineer, Nah Milli is learning gfx designs everybody doing something !!” - Ace on Creating with WMB

If you are an independent or upcoming rapper, this is the energy + approach you need to have! Cultivate a team around you that has the same goals and mindset as you, willing to learn new traits + skills for the betterment of the entire group. In this competitive age, it's necessary to build a solid team around you.

SEVEN TREO: With splash hits, “Stash That,” Seven’s in-your-face presence provides a great addition to the Wild Money team. Seven brings a drill heavy approach with lyrical content about perseverance, community struggles and getting a bag. The Albany native has been making massive gains in the underground scene, dropping what we think is going to be a breakout visual - “Foolish” ft Ruby Rich + Shysty Guap, along with his debut mixtape Broken Dreams. More from Seven Treo:

NAH MILLIMETER: The Young Albany creative is booming.  Energetic tracks “OHH” and “NOT AROUND” have drawn eyes and ears towards the underground drill rapper. Nah is the next Wild Money artist scheduled to release a project, with his debut album The Next Step dropping JUNE 19th:

RUBY RICH: The Schenectady native is the newest artist to pop up in the Upstate underground scene, bouncing into the scene with eye grabbing visual “Find It.” Comfortably delivering drowned out, auto-tuned sounds, the energy filled creative never lacks at creating a melodic ear worm that'll stick in your head for days. More from Ruby:

ROWDY RACKZ: The rising Albany rapper is very capable of cultivating upbeat bangers on the spot. Dubbed by the Wild Money crew as the best freestyle rapper in the 518, Rowdy is known for his effortless punchlines. Rowdy's latest drop:


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