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  • Myles Murray

The Top Five New York Streetwear Brands

Everyone knows New York is one of the leading forces of change in retail and fashion. It is also the home to hundreds of talented upcoming brands and designers. Here are five of the top brands coming out of NY. 

Noah is a men’s clothing brand started by Brendon Babenzien right in the heart of Soho, with its flagship store on Mulberry Street. Noah stands against a lot of the horrific earth-harming and inhumane practices other companies in the fashion industry have adopted in the past. Additionally, they donate to lots of causes they believe in and aren't afraid to speak their mind as a brand. On the products end, they have an array and are known for their very creative and fun patterns on their simple silhouettes. Just like most brands, they also have staple pieces, like their winged-foot logo that you are more than likely to see when roaming the streets of NYC. 

Barriers NYC is a brand started by 3 NYC natives in 2016 who had a passion to let theirs and others' creativity be seen. Barriers’ values and ideas all lie in its mantra/slogan “Create Your Opportunity.” Barriers gets their name and mantra from the idea of creating your own path to follow, which can be seen in many of their signature pieces that glorify figures like Jackie Robinson, Fred Hampton, and MLK. All Barriers pieces incorporate their own unique designs that come back to their values. Barriers NYC is for sure a brand to look out for in the future. 

Belief is an independent clothing brand and skate-shop based in Queens, NY that was started by 3 friends who just wanted to do something they loved together. With their name and motto “Always Upwards,” it is clear Belief hopes to inspire others to reach their dreams. Belief takes pride in their construction and quality and wants you to take their pieces anywhere from the city streets to the mountain peaks. Belief offers an array of products, all built for everyday use with high quality and simple designs. With such a great brand and products it’s only a matter of time until you can’t walk around NYC without seeing a Belief piece. 

Kid Super Studios comes from the creativity of Colm Dilane, whose brand serves as more than just a place for him to portray his creativity. He started just doing his thing in his own living space that eventually turned into his studio and the backyard for Kid Super. On his website you can see not just his clothing, but other pieces of art like paintings, accessories and more. With such a fun and creative brand, don’t be shocked when you see his pieces everywhere in due time. 

Playdead is an Upstate based streetwear brand created by Playdead Rob. Many of Playdead’s bold pieces feature its brand name incorporated into design, reimagined with a unique approach each time. These fire logo pieces have taken the Capital Region by storm, seen frequently in the streets and now a staple of the area’s rising music scene. With its high quality pieces, strong community support and endorsements from many artists, it is only a matter of time before Playdead Global lives up to its name by achieving an international reach. 

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