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            DJing is an artform that has been essential to hip-hop/rap culture since the beginning of the genre. DJ's are massively important to helping artists build and spread their music to the ears of countless different listeners. With endless numbers of DJ's trying to stand out from one another in this very competitive market, here are a few DJ's that work 24/7, not only to develop and broaden their own brand, but also to help various young artists in their communities:

DJ Hollyw8d

            DJ Hollyw8d is one million percent one of the DJ's you have to get in tune with! The UAlbany alum has been responsible for putting together over ten showcases at different local venues for upcoming artists looking to enhance their musical brand. I met with DJ Hollyw8d over the summer and chopped it up about the Albany music and where we look to take our brands. I can definitely say Hollyw8d is UP NEXT! Bro has a very keen ear for music and an open mind that really helps him evolve in his profession and gain towards getting the results he wants! Hollyw8d is always looking for new artists to uplift in Albany. Stay in tune with Hollyw8d’s  #itsmorethanmusic campaign and the vast amount of shows bro has coming down the road. For more from DJ Hollyw8d:

DJ Jay Ohh

            The Albany native has been on the scene DJing since being a student at Albany High School. Jay Ohh is one of the few dudes I remember in high school that from the very beginning acknowledged his true passion and ran with it. Coming on the scene as the "Youngest DJ in the 518," Jay Ohh has been able to formulate important connections with the youth music scene through party DJing and just always showing his face at music events. The now 20-year-old DJ has achieved opportunities to open a DJ set for big artists such as A Boogie and a handful more. Jay Ohh has always been ahead of the game compared to peers his age, helping him cultivate a genuine following and many future opportunities. For more on DJ Jay Ohh:


            DJ Aveezy aka "DJ Av" is someone I met while being away at Springfield College. From various different parties and events on campus, I knew right away Av had a highly developed ear for music. Av is by far the best DJ i’ve encountered on campus while I've been here. The Brockton born DJ grew up constantly playing  basketball which ultimately led him to Springfield, where his career was cut short due to a devastating ACL tear. That’s where AV's passion turned towards music and Djing. Now, he not only turns up different clubs, parties and events across Massachusetts, he also started his own entertainment business, helping find various events for his much talented staff of artists. Av's mindset and work ethic are for sure going to keep catapulting his personal and professional brand towards success! More from DJ Av:

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