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Heating up the Summer - Five New Tracks You Need to Hear

Updated: May 20, 2020

Looking for new heat to add to your playlist during quarantine? Look no further. Here are five new records guaranteed to fire up your speakers heading into the summer. 

FourFive - “I Promise I’m Happy”

Rapper FourFive has been making waves downstate with his debut project I Promise I’m Happy. On the tape’s standout title track, the NYC artist delivers alluring melodic cadences over moody string chords from producer Sham. The song’s infectious hook, where he exclaims “I got the bag and I got right, I promise I'm happy I'm living my life,” leaves you feeling especially inspired. The track’s multifaceted vibe, perfect for both daytime motivation and late night reflection, make it suitable for any playlist. 

Mvntana - “Move” 

Mvntana is heating up the tristate area with his latest project Free Tana. On the tape’s energizing track “Move,” the New Jersey rapper drops convincing braggadocious bars on a forward-moving beat from producer JvstNice. The track is accompanied by a visual from THE COAT EMPIRE, a video platform bridging the gap between the UK and US hip-hop scenes. Listening to this song feels like downing a double shot of espresso as Mvntana’s contagious energy will get you ready to turn up at any function. 

Knuckles Brim - “Demon Inside of Me”

Knuckles Brimm’s latest mixtape Permanent Scars is an honest expression of pain and internal struggle. On “Demon Inside of Me,” the WildMoney artist wears his heart on his sleeve, passionately spitting over an engaging guitar loop. On the song’s haunting hook, Knuckles discusses overcoming self-doubt and mistrusting even the people closest to him (“Hear all the voices I know there's a demon inside of me. Used to have family and friends, took a while, realized that they doubted me”). The track’s visual, shot by Ace $upreme, further displays Knuckles raw emotion.  

Snappo TG and Khy Glo - “Proud Family”

On “Proud Family,” Snappo TG and Khy Glo show why they are two of the hottest young artists coming up. In line with its title, this track is littered with references to the pair’s family members, with lines like “Shout out my aunty shout out my cousin, I feel like Sosa, I get it bussin,” as well as pleas for incarcerated friends to be released. While Snappo steals the show with his impressive melodies, Khy Glo delivers a solid verse in his own right, providing the track’s back end with an added energy surge. Ace $upreme’s visual (who else?) enhances the track with sound effects and clips from the classic Disney sitcom “The Proud Family.”

Penny Global - “Shoulders Work” ft. Bricks

Last but not least we have “Shoulders Work” by Penny Global ft. Bricks. Penny’s debut music video, shot by Haddawi ENT, features a dance ready-made for viral Triller and TikTok challenges (“Making your shoulders work, n**** look to your left, Making your shoulders work, n*** look to your right, Making your shoulders work, step back do a twirl like Mike"). On this track, his unique voice compliments an eerie instrumental that will immediately catch your attention. Featured artist Bricks rounds out the record with a more somber verse paying respect to the late, beloved Mo Milly.  

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