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Where’d You Cop That From?

Fashion is truly one of the cornerstones of American pop culture. However, nowadays, you're more likely to find your favorite influencer buying their pieces at thrift stores, rather than high-end fashion stores. The rise of "retro" clothing has taken the fashion world by storm. Instead of picking up that new Gucci shirt, people are grabbing that old school Nike shirt. Instead of coping that new supreme hat from Grailed, it's all about getting that Malcolm X graphic tee.

Here are three of the best stores in the Capital Region to cop retro clothing from:


Located in the heart of Albany, New York, on 225 Lark Street and ran by the Playdead owner, Playdead Rob, Camp.225 is a phenomenal store with a wide variety of dope retro pieces. You can tell the items there are ones Rob would wear himself. Not only is there a wide selection of phenomenal garments at great prices, but the atmosphere at Camp is also fantastic. Whether it be Rob, Lil Baby Suplex or Tall T Dan greeting you at the door and getting to know you, or the funny cutouts of Michael Jordan, everything in Camp makes it feel like a home away from home. Another dope thing that Camp does as well is that they have selective seasonal pieces to keep your looking fly during that particular season and host up and coming local brands as well such as the Glockstar local clothing brand.

Looks Albany

Looks Albany, formerly located on 252 Lark Street, is an online store featuring a mix of the new and the old. With retro clothing like vintage rock merch and classic cartoon pieces and modern streetwear brands like Supreme and Palace, Looks provides a vast amount of options. There is something there for everyone, which makes it a real hub for people that love fashion and pop culture. Also, the owner of the store Fabricks (Instagram: Fabricks) creates custom clothing pieces as well they everyone should be on the lookout for as well. Also, an event you should look out for is their pop up event with another local clothing and shoe store Laced Up.

Timeless Hype

Timeless Hype is an online retailer that specializes in retro clothing. They have pieces ranging from classic Nike and sportswear to retro polo, guaranteed to make your fit 10x better. People always talk about how they want to go back and live in the 90s. This store allows you to satisfy that nostalgia. Timeless hype has great pieces from the east and the west coast as well because this site first started in California and has since moved east to North Carolina. Timeless Hype also throws fire pop up events like cookouts and kickbacks at the local skate park. No matter who on the Without Warning crew attends these events, they can't help but leave with something.

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