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Upstate Applying Pressure

We're back with another article uplifting the endless talent surrounding us in the Capital Region. With so many people trying to make names for themselves, quality production of music videos is key to standing out. Here's some of the dopest videos out now in the Capital Region:

"Trapstar"- Nay Glizzy and Jnel Kidd (Directed by: Jace Davey)

The video starts with a classic SpongeBob intro, then urgently cuts to Nay Glizzy and Jnel in the barbershop. Nay and Jnel throughout this song create a fast paced and upbeat mood with their quickly timed punchlines, which include catchy lyrical content that reflects the title of their song. Clean and fast visual cuts by Jace Davey in the video mesh well with the quick cadence of the beat. Also seen periodically are implements of vast colors complementary to when the bass hits. The song and ascetic visuals together make this video super entertaining and a must watch!

"Tim Duncan" – Tee – Kay V / Ace Supreme / Swanky Hendrix (Directed by: M.W Films)

This video is one of my personal favorite videos from the area. I see myself returning to it constantly. Tee Kay V in this song constructs a very memorable melodic chorus that you can't hold back from singing along to. Ace and Swanky went a different direction as they lay some extremely tough bars surrounding persevering and grinding day in and out to make it big. The music video takes place in the visually appealing setting of downtown Albany. The video is simple and gets the message across that these rappers are applying pressure in the capital region music scene. This video for sure is one I will have on repeat for a while.

"Radio" – Kidd Glockk$ (Directed by: Local Loverboy and Plugboyfilms)

This video is one where I was really drawn in by the concept. The video starts with Kidd on the couch with producer Ovi. He enters with a pacey Ski Mask type flow. As he gets into the grove of the flow, we hear a record scratch on the beat. A new beat plays and Kidd enters again with a whole new flow and sound. It's almost as if he's changed to a different radio station. He goes on to do this twice more in the video, and this really speaks to the versatility and range of Kidd Glockk$. What I like about the video is with every flow change you can feel and see a change of mood throughout. This is the first video I've seen with this sort of concept. This video I feel was cultivated perfectly to match the song.

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