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"The Clout Cloud + Lil Yachty construct a live psychedelic like concert experience"

Live concerts and in person events have been completely been halted due to covid-19. To solve such issue for fans the DMV centered media outlet The Clout Cloud was able to cultivate an eye grabbing live stream concert experience with the help of Lil Yachty. Yachty would promo the live experience the week of the concert with his viral "Coffin challenge" on tiktok drawing mass attraction to the show. Everything from outlandish color schemes to wild lighting set ups, the event wasn’t your typical or traditional concert live stream.

Right away you're shot into creative mind of lil boat, the entire concert performed

in front of various trippy landscapes that make you feel as Yachty's almost performing in one of your shrooms trips. Launching into the spotlight performing "Top Down", the rainbow-colored background filled various animated characters made for an enjoyable start to the Thursday night online experience. After running 2020 smash hits like "Coffin", "Split Time", and "T. D" that'll leave you jumping around your living room. The event shifts to a lowkey, darker mood. Yachty would then give an emotional Juice WRLD tribute to remember his lost friend.

Over the past eight months during covid, I've made it to various online concert experiences like Rolling Loud, Chief Keef + Polo G, and more. The Clout Cloud x Lil Yachty concert in comparison was way more innovative and entertaining for the consumer. You

were able to receive the same high-quality concert audio while receiving a vastly different visual take for online events. The Clout Cloud looks to continue their innovative online event experience with another show January 2021. (Artist not yet announced).

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