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The modern day "King of pop" , Lil baby Suplex is truly influential in the Albany music scene. We first saw the Glockstar  launch into the scene with smash hits like "Durdy" and "Mileage” and music video debuts on grailed underground music platforms “No Jumper” (McGrady) and “Elevator" (Pop-star). In late 2019, Suplex dropped the breakout eye-grabbing visual “Yeah,” currently sitting at 51k plays on youtube. The Albany native is back to do even more damage with the abrupt drop of what we deem an underground classic “Tic-tac toe” !

Almost everything I do is like a collaboration bro, I value and love to get as many people's point of views as possible, that’s how you get the best shit” - Lil baby Suplex on cultivating creative ideas with Kolby , PlugBoyfilms, and the Glocks // Without Warning Interview (September 2019)

Constantly trying new approaches to tracks and leaving his comfort zone while maintaining the same unmatched energy is the reason so many gravitate towards Suplex’s sound. Suplex brings one of the hardest + grittiest deliveries we’ve heard on the banger “Tic-tac toe,” with a punk-rock aura that you can't help but want to start bobbing your head to or to dive into a mosh pit. Look below for more from Suplex:


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