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Sunroom Studio Session With Joey The Kid

Late Saturday, December 28th, KiDSHiT cult leader, Joey the Kid called up the Without Warning crew, to pull up to a vastly energizing studio session at the SunRoom in Troy, NY. As soon as we enter the studio, Joey's locked in, his manager Chiari (IG: Chiari518) and engineer Joe (IG: jooosuph) searching for beats that'll suffice his creative pallet. Fairly quickly the outgoing creative had his mind set on completely remixing "Crunch Time" by Memphis' own Chris Travis.

The South Troy native's creation process you can tell has been refined from hours and hours of constant studio and creative sessions. Being in the studio with bro, you can tell Joey truly values the genuine people and energy around him, asking questions about their lives, bouncing ideas off literally everyone, cracking jokes, etc. After around 10-15 minutes of freestyling and truly embracing all aspects of the beat behind the SoundCloud classic, Joey finds the approach/delivery he wants to bring to the table. Continuing to effortlessly punch in and out with his signature aggressive presence with bars about pop-culture, movies, video game references, and so on.

After about a few hours of refining, mixing and adding different vocal layers, the Banger "Chris Travis" by Joey the Kid was ready to drop. Capping the song off with a triller to put out a snippet for his fans! After being able to watch through a Joey the Kid studio session it was clear to us that this is more than just music to him. Every time you see him step in front of a microphone he's going to be 110% authentic and himself each time. Definitely be on the lookout for his debut album "Joey's Revenge" coming soon as well as a follow up interview with KiDSHiT cult-leader:

Listen to "Chris Travis" – Joey the Kid:

Interview with Joey the Kid:

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