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In the past few months, the young 50gang rapper Glo has absolutely exploded in the booming Upstate NY music scene, with his innovative, offbeat vocal inflections on breakout tracks "STEPPAS" and "RACKS IN" ft Kushie Sunoco. Now, the Forever GR8 affiliate is continuing to apply pressure with his must listen album Still Gloin.

We got our first glimpse of Still Gloin earlier this year, as a snippet of "Hannah" ft TB, a bass heavy remix of the Hannah Montana theme song, went viral locally. This track was blessed with production by the Maryland based creative Juu2x, known for producing for artists like YBN Almighty Jay, Xanman, Glockboykari and more! Following suit, in early March, Glo released the eye grabbing "Racks In" visual, shot by the goated Capital Region videographer, Ace $upreme. 

In Still Gloin’s melodic, guitar laden intro "Up the Street," Glo uses a more laid back delivery to float over the beat. Here, the Albany native preaches "these n****s be cappin, they really b***h made," referencing the massive amounts of lies and exaggerations in his competitor’s lyrics. 

Much of Glo’s allure stems from his ever-shifting vocal delivery and his "Zoe" / "Jugg" punchlines, which he almost always pairs with a "Flex bar." For example, on “Lane Switch” Glo raps, "Diamonds on my neck, told that lil b***h come check em, just hit a jugg on twitter man like catch a blessing."

"Flex bar" 


            1. A braggadocious lyric, common within the rap genre, referencing the artist’s collection of luxurious items (Jewelry, Clothes, Cars, etc.)

The money hungry, designer dripping rapper dropped a true banger for the streets with "Got One," a track inspired by real life tribulations, with bars about handling fake relationships and fake love, all while simultaneously trying to accumulate vast amounts of funds to put his team and family on!

My personal favorite track on the album, "Dior Dreams" is constructed with a simple chime based melody, integrated with pacey high-hats where Glo glides over the entire track. Here, he delivers arguably the best hook on the entire album: "I got salt for these n****s thinking this is sweet, I keep my dog on my hip it aint no leavin me, once I let em off the leash these bullets flying in the breeze, I was broke and I was seeing Dior in my dreams."

Overall, Glo has honestly constructed the best debut mixtape possible for his brand, a carefully selected 11 track project that lets his fans know who 50gangglo is as a person and showcases his one of a kind vocal presence! More from Glo below:


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