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Put the Guns Down…The Spirit of Elijah Cancer Lives On

Some people get caught up, some people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time and others try to do the right thing.

Elijah Cancer was one of those people trying to do the right thing but ended up getting his life taken way too soon instead for doing the right thing. Last summer Elijah Cancer was just trying to end an altercation, it was about nothing too serious and he tried ending the conflict the only way he knew how, which was with his words and sadly was shot and killed for it. The sad and cruel irony in all of this is that this man who cared for his family, friends, and community was the main proprietor of the SNUG program in Albany.

Should NEVER Use Guns or SNUG for short is an organization in Albany, New York that focuses on the prevention of gun violence in the city of Albany and is a great step forward in ending gun violence within the city. Too often you see kids getting into trouble and fights and using these weapons not out of necessity but because they feel like it's the only thing to use when solving problems and disputes and also as a means to survive.

Instead of using these weapons and seeing these good people caught in the crossfire we should be setting programs up so people stay off the streets. Things such as recreational centers make it easier to obtain summer youth employment programs also safe spaces for people who come to and live in this city and just more opportunities in general for the entire population of the city of Albany, not just a segment of the population.If we are ever to move forward after these trying times we need to work together and not let good guys like Elijah who would do anything for this city down, after the fact that Elijah and many others gave all they could give to see Albany move forward.

Rest in Power Elijah Cancer the city of Albany mourns you and misses you everyday.

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