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Whether it was Albany's music scene continuing to heat up, Detroit scam rap breaking through, or the DMV and Carolinas going crazy, rappers from all over the country applied a lot of pressure this summer. With endless talent around the globe, here are a few of the many talented artists that made noise this summer:

YOUNG NUDY – Atlanta, GA

Honestly, if you don't know Nudy by now you've been living under a rock. The Atlanta based rapper has been strumming together a series of nagers prior to Summer 2019, with hits like "Loaded baked potato" and "Zone 6". This summer, Nudy was able to allocate himself in the position to become a household name in rap. He stormed into the summer

dropping a high quality 12 track album with frequent producer Pi'erre Bourne. Along with the mass hype of the album, Nudy’s leaked track "Pissy Pamper (Kid Cudi)" featuring Playboi Carti became a viral sensation all over the world, due to Playboi Carti's vocal range and high-pitched “baby voice” sound. Nudy didn't take his foot off the gas after that, as he was also seen on tracks with J Cole, J.I.D, and more off Dreamville’s "Revenge of the Dreamers III" label collab tape.

TEEJAYX6 – Detroit, MI

This summer we saw a powerful emergence from the Detroit rap scene. One artist in particular that's catching everyone's ears is Teejayx6. The 18-year-old Detroit native’s catchy lyrical content surrounds scamming in every aspect. Teejayx6 started summer 2019 with around 40k-50k Instagram followers and was able to grow to a current standing of 184k.

Teejayx6 also received cosigns from big rappers like Lil Yachty and Offset, while simultaneously obtaining a viral No Jumper Interview that has amassed 707,000 views in a single month. Hits like "Dark Web" and "Swipe Story" surpassed a combined 3 million views, helping Teejay cultivate a genuine fan base which will continue to expand.

WIZ MACK – Albany, NY

Albany's very own Wiz Mack is more than deserving to be on this list as he's been making noise in the NY scene for a while now. Wiz Mack’s "On Me" ft. Neecho put the city on fire with the combination of a Plugboyfilms and Riley Balcom visual! Following the release of "On me" Mack and Nechoo dropped one of the toughest tapes of the summer in "The Reaper and Creeper". His delivery can be described as effortless each time he hops on a track. Wiz Mack is capable of delivering high caliber lyrical content, as his talent alone lands him on this list. Get to know Wiz Mack through tracks like "Otto Picaso" and "Robbery" and you'll also see that Wiz Mack brings the whole package and is ready for more spotlight!

ABG NEAL – Brooklyn, NY

ABG Neal has only continued to apply a stupid amount of pressure since I first wrote about him in June. The audacious Brooklyn rapper has been able to cultivate a ride or die fan base through being genuinely authentic. In an age where social media presence is so ever important, ABG Neal has a great hold in the art of online antics, from viral snippets and

dances to hilarious captions. Along with having success on social media, his music continues to skyrocket, even when it comes to hits like "Hennessy Tears," where ABG Neal strays away from his traditional gritty approach and brings a catchy melodic sound. Looking forward, Neal will be performing a set at Rolling Loud NY and has a song with Shoreline Mafia's Fenix Flexin on the way! ABG has his foot on the gas, and will only continue to go UP!




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