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GLOCKSTAR DIMI - "Loading..." (Album Overview)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

New York underground star Glockstar Dimi is arguably the most influential music + fashion mogul to come out of the Albany, NY area recently. Dimi is the CEO of the booming underground streetwear brand + music label GCORP, seemingly the most diverse team of upcoming creatives + artists in the underground scene!! While the whole team has received co-signs from Key Glock, Richie Souf, Matthew Williams and Gary V, Dimi leads the pack with his breakout debut mixtape Loading…!

"We got a lot of homies that went to jail for this shit, in the field, Albany has its own gang culture, n****s not trying to dick ride other gangs, n****s got they own culture, whether it's uptown, downtown, the yard, everyone got they own identity, so what we wanted to do is spin that into a positive light for the hood Rockstar's, for everyone out there that's struggling in the hood that wants to be a part of something bigger." – Glockstar Slim on the meaning of being a Glockstar 

Delivering on the massive hype set by lead single “(G)ELLY,” the Albany native has cultivated a cohesive ten track tape, defining his innovative sound, letting the fans into the life of the designer dripped out "Juggboy". The album features familiar production from the GCORP team with creatives Glockstar Lonely and Fakerich Ovi as the sole producers. On bangers like “(G)UCCI,” Dimi delivers successive punchlines over Lonely’s epic synth chords, booming kicks and rapid high hats. 

The tape’s outro (G)Boy, a solo track by GCORP's seventeen-year-old affiliate Kidd Glockks, is another high point. Here, Glockks drops an exhilarating verse on FakeRich Ovi's innovative take on the classic Nintendo Gameboy loading sounds.

On “SADSON(G),” a highlight track, where we hear a more personal side to Dimi with lyrics like “I don’t need no help, you don’t know the pain I felt.” Memorable bars like these are why many appoint the Glockstar CEO as the most quotable upcoming NY rapper. A handful of my favorite caption worthy Dimi punchlines are "No cash app but she got a westy", "Pull up Ksubi jacket and you know it got the rips", "I want the bands, I don’t really want the fame.", "Lonely on the beat so you know it’s a hit!!" I could go on with plenty more Dimi quotes that'll get you in your bag.

It's clear why there's a massive allure to the sound + brand behind Dimi and the Glockstar team, a multi-faceted collective that successfully caters to the ears and eyes of varying rap listeners + fashion enthusiasts. I'm here to tell you that the Glockstar General’s mixtape Loading... is only phase one for the Dimi and the Glocks, as over the past two weeks, organized social media campaigns have been hinting towards a group project from the NY collective- possibly titled Griptape, dropping soon. For more from Dimi:

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