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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Joey the Kid is a rapper from the south side of Troy, NY who has made quite the splash in the past couple of years. Joe Rowe has been coming out with increasingly popular singles, making bigger and bigger waves on songs like Anchorman, Monica Lewinsky, and 98' Honda to name a few. Now, Joey is back with something bigger and badder, his first full-length album.

Joey's Revenge is an experience full of banging beats and countless punchlines that fully displays Joey's personality. The album starts with an intro from Joey and then hops right into the collection with his most famous song (and a personal favorite of mine) “98’ Honda.” After that, Joey goes in on a plethora of songs named after other famous “Joes,” such as “Joe Rogan” and “Joe Biden. Joeys Revenge also has completed versions of snippets we have seen Joey post on his Instagram over the past couple of months with songs “Joe Dirt” and “Joe Montana.” The majority of the album’s production is handled by producer Goodb!y, however, 518 producer FakeRich Ovi steps in on the song Joe Dirt, while producer Zkup is featured on “Joe Biden.”

A song that stuck out to me was “Joe Montana. In this song, Joey the Kid goes in on a high paced beat that will for sure get you jumping wherever you are. Joey shines on this song with a nice flow emphasized by quick and consistent punchlines. Another song that sticks out is “Joe Dimaggio. On “Joe Dimaggio,” Joey the Kid does something different by spitting on a very upbeat and spacious instrumental, while still bringing the heat and jokes that will make anyone laugh. It’s a song that reminds me of playing an old school game and listening to the soundtrack as a kid. This is a song that will get you to keep pressing the replay button over and over again.

Overall, if you're a fan of Joey the Kid, Kidsh!it and fun, banger heavy rap music, this is the album for you!

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