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Heating up the Summer: Albany Edition

There has been a massive amount of music dropped in 2019, especially since the summer has started. In this article I’m going to highlight three absolute bangers from Albany artists. With so much talent in the capital of New York  it was hard to break this down, but here’s what's heating up the summer :


If you walk into any party this summer in Albany and this song isn’t on, you're probably at the wrong party. The heater EXTENZ!! RELOADED was created by an artist named Lil Kusha. Kusha is affiliated with the Albany born collective 248. As soon as this song is thrown on you can completely tell a change of mood in the room as everyone immediately gets hype. This song is perfect for party and concert mosh pits. You feel very electric and upbeat energy from this song every time you press play. If you want your party lit this summer make sure to run this one up!

Swanky Hendrix - UP

UP is next on the list of songs that definitely need to be ran up this summer. Swanky is able to combine a catchy melodic chorus followed by countless lyrical punchlines. This song has a more mellow and relaxed vibe, which is why I feel the song is perfect for the 2019 summer. Swanky floats over the entire project. It’s easy to get lost in his captivating flow, but when you sit back and listen, Swanky is telling a story through his rhythmic content. Run this banger up this summer!

Ready Regg - Pissed Off

Bar for bar, Ready has some of the top lyrical content in the city of Albany. The song Pissed Off is stuffed with bars for days. Right away, Regg attacks the beat saying “Said I’m pissed off bout to roll me some weed up, I stay with my stick like I’m Gilbert Arenas.” This beat gives me a DMV type of feel. While Regg starts to body his verse by throwing some serious rapid lyrical jabs, he slows his flow in the last few seconds to gradually end this heater. 

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