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GSM Stevoo & Dmac Collab for First Ever Without Warning Exclusive

Albany’s own GSM Stevoo has been heating up the New York underground scene with his excellent vocal range and ability to create melodic bangers for any audience. His breakout tracks, “Playin No Games”  and “Ballin” (Remix) and his 2019 mixtape F.O.C.U.S.E.D have drawn the eyes and ears of  hip-hop and R&B enthusiasts throughout the state and beyond. Now, Stevoo is back with arguably his best song to date - “How We Rock.” On this Summer Banger, the GSM artist linked with Canadian producer Dmac, known for producing smash hits for Rod Wave and friends. We were able to catch up with Stevoo for a quick interview where he talked to us about the cultivation of this track, as well as his moves during quarantine and plans for the future.

Interview by Noah John



So what have you been up to during the Coronavirus? Have you been quarantined?

Yeah. Just working, getting money. Other than that I've been inside or at the studio, freestyling and writing. I’ve actually had more time to slow down a bit and get back to writing down bars.

That’s what's up! It's definitely been tough for artists recently, not being able to do shows or pop out to events. What things have you been doing to stay connected with fans?

My following has been growing so I’ve been taking some time to reach out to people and let them know I appreciate the support. I’m trying to keep releasing music consistently. It's actually been easier to push my visuals. 

For a fact. You dropped a couple fire videos recently between “Playin No Games” and “Bands Up” with [Ready] Regg and Vee Hundoos.

Yeah, I usually don’t do as explicit of visuals. I like them to be well thought out and have a meaning behind them. That one was fun tho. We recorded that during Black History Month. Regg had that one line about Martin Luther King. 

Facts. It was cool hearing you switch it up, going with more of a drill flow. You also just dropped some heat with MG Naz on “Both Sides.” How did that track come about?

Naz is a mad genuine dude. He sent me the open for that beat and I liked how it sounded. I think he has a ton of potential.

You can definitely hear the chemistry you guys have together. So, you dropped F.O.C.U.S.E.D almost a year ago. How has that project affected your career?

I still listen to “F.O.C.U.S.E.D” damn near everyday. I projected it would take off. It’s more of an introduction tape though, something to look back on. 

For “How We Rock” you got Prod By Dmac on the beat. How did you first hear about him? Was it the Rod Wave track or another artist? 

I first found out about Dmac when I heard his tag on a couple of beats on youtube. Then I heard Rod Wave. A lot of people say I sound like him. I got in touch with Dmac through the DMs.

That track is gonna make waves for sure. What else should people be looking out for, not just from yourself but from the whole GSM label? 

Getting the whole team more consistent. Having music always dropping. I gotta make sure my name doesn't fade. 

Facts, I feel like a lot of artists fall off trying to be too exclusive with their releases. Anything else?

I’m also launching a clothing line soon. 

That’s dope. You got a name in mind for it yet?





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