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Garageband and Some Headphones

A lot of artists these days, especially the more mainstream ones have a lot of resources at their disposal. They have ghostwriters, they have some of the highest paid producers in the world, mixers and sound engineers with the newest/expensive technology around them.

But for the majority of the music making community especially those just starting out all they have is a basic app like garage band and a dream. That’s one of those stories I’m trying to tell today.

Jaan Choudhri is a pre-med student at Vassar College who also doubles as a DJ and a music producer and just dropped his first tape Headphone Music. A great album featuring some hard-hitting beats as well as some low-key cuts too and is a tape I think everyone should check out. From the dope album cover to the fun beats you can tell that he had a fun time making this project, so give it a listen!

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