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Albany Creative U.S Bay continues to reinvent himself !

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Albany creative U.S Bay continues to reinvent himself in an ever-changing era of rap.

Growing from his early days of Jada and Fabulous influenced music, launching into the scene with visuals like his “Computers Freestyle”. To cultivating breakout hits “Buck Em down”. U.S Bay plans to continue to take the city by storm, as the die-hard New Yorker shows no signs of letting up his creative progress. I had him over the phone to talk about his sonic shift, the crazy buck em down challenge and his EP: “I hate US bay” dropping soon. 


Q: You've been in the Albany scene for a while, how do you feel about the growth of the creative culture in the city?

A: “Being around a while it’s nice to see the wild growth in our home city. The entire scene is starting to pick up like crazy. DJs, Artists, Videographers all doing their thing. It makes the whole scene better, keeps me on my toes.”

Q: For a fact, got young dudes getting to it and ogs as well ! Your sound has changed from a more traditional NY approach to a modern sound young heads seem to receive well. How has that change been for you.”

A: “Honestly the change was pretty easy, i can make a catchy hook and two verses in my sleep now. Making a song like buck em down was pretty effortless”

Q: What was playing when you were growing up through your youth in Albany ? Anywhere you’d give praise for influence ?

A: “Grew up listening to Beanie Segal, Fab, Jada, Twist, all that. G-Unit, a lot of shit was playing around the house.”

Q: Buck Em down is going crazy, you see everyone in the city sharing your song, really just being embraced by the city, how’s that been for you ?

A: “Honestly just shocking bro. Seeing the kids going crazy, other artists, even older people in our city. Honestly shocking, it was a good feeling. We had Riley on the camera, Luca on the drone, new courts was up, whole shoot was crazy”

Q: Any artists in particular that reached out to you in support ?

A: Kushie, Selli, TB.

A: Wiz Mack, Dimi, Airline Jay, those are all my guys. Whether it be music shit or business shit, guys I reach out to.

Q: Do you have anything dropping soon ? What's to come in the next few months ?

A: “I have an EP titled, “I hate US Bay too” dropping very soon. I’ve done a few tracks for the project already, going to record a few more for it, then give it to the people. You’re gonna see a lot of different flows on this EP. It’s gonna have a more lit type feel to it. Songs like Buck Em Down. Just trying to really have fun with it.

A: “You’re gonna see a lot more collabs from me, we got clothes coming, ep soon, we are pushing the whole brand !”

Q: “That’s what's up, definitely looking forward to it. Appreciate you for chopping it up with us bro, anything you want to close off on ?

A: Appreciate you too bro.

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